Telling our data stories

Last Thursday, the KPI Programme delivered its first-ever virtual Zoom forum. More than 70 people beamed in from across New Zealand to share their service experiences during the COVID-19 alert levels and discuss their data insights over this time.

The forum was attended by people from across the sector, including our DHBs, their NGO partners, whānau advisors, tāngata whai ora, the Ministry of Health, Health Quality and Safety Commission, and Health and Disability Commission. COVID-19 has been a shared journey with many perspectives and the Adult Stream forum reinforced the importance of creating space for all voices.

While there were many common themes, one of the most powerful learnings related to the use of technology for engagement. The breadth of representation at the forum enriched the discussion and put attention on the factors which can both facilitate as well as limit how effective technology can be as a mechanism for service engagement. It highlighted that while virtual technology works for some people, choice matters when it comes to engaging with services in a way that improves individual health outcomes.

Overwhelmingly, the forum showcased and celebrated our sector’s ability to respond to a crisis and adapt service delivery methods to ensure people have access to the supports they need when they need them. The stories shared showed our ‘heart’ and deep desire to do right by the people we serve. Yes, there is still a long way to go on this shared journey, but we are starting from a good place.

Our sincerest thanks to everyone who attended the Adult forum and shared their stories and insights. We look forward to building on this data to facilitate informed action over the coming months.

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