The latest news on the KPI Programme

This week our Aotearoa ‘team of 5 million’ achieved an incredible milestone – together we eliminated COVID-19. It is a story of persistence in the face of adversity and provides an exemplary example of how united focus and collective action can solve a complex problem.

We appreciate for mental health and addiction services across Aotearoa the next chapter will present new challenges as we respond to the ongoing impacts of the pandemic on lives and livelihoods, and work with people, whānau and communities through their recoveries.

The pandemic response has encouraged us to come up with and implement new service delivery possibilities at pace. It has also enabled us to learn how technology can enhance the therapeutic engagement we have with tāngata whai ora and their whānau and understand its limitations in certain contexts.

Next week we kick off the first of our June KPI forums via Zoom. It will be the first time in the Programme’s history that we will bring the sector together in a virtual setting. Our June forums have been deliberately designed to create space for services across Aotearoa to explore the indicator data before the lockdown and to document our ‘in time’ experiences and insights from the COVID-19 response.

There is still time to register for the June forums and the links to these are below. We encourage you not to miss this opportunity to explore and learn from other services and inform the focus of the KPI Programme over the coming months so together we can continue to take collective action to solve some of our most pressing challenges.

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