Staying connected through ever changing times

Ki te kotahi te kakaho ka whati, Ki te kapuia e kore e whati
Alone we can be broken. Standing together, we are invincible.

It was an exciting start to August as the first benchmarking breakout session connected more than 35 people from across the Aotearoa health sector via Zoom to grow their ability to use and interpret the 7-day follow-up data dashboards. Engaging in a live quiz, participants had the opportunity to gain new insights into the functionality and data available via the 7-day follow-up visualisation tools.

The benchmarking breakout also provided space for participants to drill down further into the data and ask questions about the results, identifying trends and seeking contextual information to make sense of where attention may be needed for continuous service improvement.

Feedback post the August benchmarking breakout reinforced a desire from our sector to continue to increase their capacity and capability to use the different data dashboard tools more effectively. As a result, the next breakout session on 9 September will focus on the newest visualisation tools for the wait times indicator. There is still time to register for this event, and further details about how to do this are included in this issue of The Indicator.

Momentum around the review and development of the KPI Programme’s data dashboard tools is increasing. Already in August, more than 30 people from across the mental health and addiction sector have engaged to contribute their feedback and experiences to the creation of a new suite of data visualisation tools to support the benchmarking of the seclusion measures. Sector needs analysis will be continuing through September to inform the build of seclusion data dashboard prototypes for testing by people working across the sector before the new visualisation tools are launched in early November.

It cannot go unacknowledged that August has also brought collective disappointment and additional pressures with the re-emergence of COVID-19 in the community requiring immediate national restrictions. As a Programme, we are conscious of the increased complexity and dangers posed by the Delta variant, and that this means the journey to return to a context where in-person engagement is safe is likely to take some time. We understand it will also be heavily reliant on increasing the proportion of our population who choose to be fully vaccinated against the virus. Therefore, we have dedicated this issue to keeping you informed of our plans for events for the remainder of 2021, including a link to a resource available on the Whāriki website for people with mental health and addiction challenges who have questions about COVID-19 vaccination.

We have not let go of our aspirations and your requests to bring everyone together, however, public health guidance means we are unlikely to be able to do this before the end of this year. Nevertheless, the KPI Programme team remain committed to offering regular opportunities to connect virtually and to balance these events with both more learning and space to be nourished.

Please know our thoughts are with you all as you work to adapt and respond to the wellbeing needs of tāngta whai ora, whānau and communities. We stand with you and are ready to provide support however we can.

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