Seclusion data indicators. Key performance indicator literature review – November 2022

The need to reduce and subsequently eliminate the use of seclusion is a priority for inpatient mental health services in Aotearoa New Zealand (Ministry of Health, 2021). The use of seclusion data to inform clinical practice and service improvements is a key strategy in supporting this objective. Currently, seclusion data is regularly reported back to inpatient mental health services through several reporting sources using a range of different indicators. This discrepancy in reporting can be confusing for the sector and makes it difficult to build a cohesive picture of current seclusion use and to benchmark against a consistent standard.

The New Zealand Mental Health and Addictions Key Performance Indicator Programme (KPI Programme) is one of the main sources regularly reporting on seclusion use. The purpose of this report is to summarise up-to-date evidence and examples of international best practice to inform the ongoing development of the KPI seclusion indicators. The specific objectives are to understand:

  • the rationale for including seclusion indicators in the KPI Programme
  • types of indicators being used to support the reduction of seclusion in Aotearoa New Zealand and other countries.

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