Whānau engagement

Whānau engagement has the power to enhance recovery journeys for people accessing mental health and addiction services. However, sector reviews such as He Ara Oranga and feedback from tāngata whai ora and their whānau highlight the need for continuous improvement in the way services and whānau work with and share information to support people who are experiencing mental health and addiction problems.

The purpose of the indicator is to identify what percentage of tāngata whai ora, who experience an in-scope activity, also had a whānau engagement activity recorded.

Data available through January 2023, sourced from the 22 February 2023 refresh of the PRIMHD DataMart.

Please note:

  • Waikato DHB data is incomplete after November 2021
  • Bay of Plenty DHB has low volumes for contact from Oct 2021
  • Tairāwhiti DHB has no referral ends for inpatient from March 2022

Data visualisations

National quarterly summary

This report provides a national overview of whānau engagement within a single financial quarter. It includes the percent of tāngata whai ora with whānau engagement within the quarter, split by age, as well as exploration of the days to first whānau engagement, split by DHB and demographics.

The entire report can be filtered by financial quarter and initial team type, as well as by age and individual DHB, or by filtered to show just NGO values.

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