The New Zealand Mental Health and Addictions KPI Programme (KPI Programme) is a provider-led initiative, designed to bring about quality and performance improvement across the Mental Health and Addictions sector.

The vision of the KPI Programme is to enable the Sector to bring about demonstrable improvement to service user outcomes through ready access to, and use of comparative service performance information.  This approach promotes the sharing of information, ideas and learning to drive service improvement and is supported by provider governance, national coordination and the formation of peer groupings based on issues of mutual interest and benefit.

The KPI Framework was developed as a quality and performance improvement tool, to improve outcomes for people who use mental health and addiction services.  The indicators are designed to be used as tools to promote greater understanding about the differences between services and, in particular, to prompt discussion about the activities that lead to improved outcomes.

Currently, the KPI Programme includes implementing the New Zealand KPI Benchmarking Framework for Adult, Adult Forensic and Child and Youth Mental Health for all district health boards (DHBs) and their nominated non-government organisation (NGO) partners. The KPI Programme alongside Platform Trust is also testing benchmarking of the NGO sector through the KPI Benchmarking 'club'.

The New Zealand KPI Benchmarking Framework and its implementation link directly to key priority areas outlined in Rising to the Challenge: The Mental Health and Addiction Service Development Plan 2012-2017. Rising to the Challenge makes a commitment that the Ministry of Health will work with key stakeholders to develop an agreed set of outcomes measures and KPIs which will be used to measure progress.


The specific goals of the KPI Programme are to implement the New Zealand KPI Benchmarking Framework into all DHBs and partnering NGOs to ensure sustainable benchmarking across the sector, in order to:

  • Maintain and strengthen clinical ownership and responsibility for provider performance.

  • Enable continued learning and innovation through the availability of comparative performance data and opportunities to actively challenge, question and share information between providers to achieve performance improvements.

  • Develop NGO capacity and capability to contribute to performance improvement in the broader system of care as well as the NGO sector.

KPI Objectives

The objectives of the KPI Programme are to: 

  • Make effective use of nationally collected information.

  • Understand gaps in existing data and improve data quality.

  • Promote information sharing among providers of mental health and addiction services.

  • Make comparisons between services and determine their relative performance.

  • Provide DHBs with information that can assist them in driving organisational performance and quality improvement initiatives.

  • Provide DHBs with information that can assist them in improving outcomes for users of mental health and addiction services

  • Understand differences in service outcomes for different ethnic groups and how to address inequalities.

About the KPI Programme

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"Whilst the Service provides a means to understand how Mental Health and Addiction data is being used to improve service development and quality, decision making, and driving change and performance improvement through clinical leadership, delivery is the responsibility of each DHB." KPI Programme - Service Specification

"This process is not just an opportunity to see where we are at. It is an opportunity to be informed about where our services need to be."  Consumer Advisor