2022 NGO workforce survey

In July 2022, Te Pou is surveying NGOs to find out what the alcohol and drug and mental health services’ workforce looks like and where key gaps are. The survey aims to collect workforce information from NGOs with health contracts to deliver these services to adults.

The survey will provide useful information to support NGO sector advocacy for contract equity, and workforce planning and development in the restructured health system. It describes the uniqueness of the NGO sector workforce and demonstrates NGOs’ substantial contribution to the overall mental health and addiction sector workforce.

This is the third such survey. The last one was done in 2018. Given the changes since then, updating the information is particularly important.

Advance notice and survey link emails have been sent to participating NGOs.

More information about the survey content and answers to frequently asked questions are available at https://www.tepou.co.nz/initiatives/more-than-numbers-workforce-data/2022-ngo-workforce-survey.

For further support or more information you can contact joanne.richdale@tepou.co.nz

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