The KPI Governance Model


KPI Programme Governance

The diagram above represents the KPI Programme governance model.

At its centre the programme is managed and administrated by an 'engine house', the Programme Team. This team assists the KPI Programme Sponsors to govern and lead the programme's total body of work across the current three service areas, also known as KPI Streams - Adult, Child and Youth and Forensic.

From these streams and across the country a KPI Reference group has formed to spread governance nationally and support in the delivery of the outcomes of the KPI Programme by applying the appropriate expertise and resource to assist the KPI Sponsors group.

The KPI Programme is governed by a KPI Sponsor group. The KPI Sponsors include DHB and NGO sector representatives, and bring both clinical and managerial perspectives.

Local leadership of the Programme across all 20 DHBs within New Zealand is led by the KPI Local Teams consisting of a 'tight 6' - Clinician, Manager, Analyst, Planner and Funder and NGO partner.

The outcomes and improvements resulting from the Programme are intended to positively impact people using services, their family/whanau and the wider sector.